MTG Arena Daily Quest Today we Built a red & Blue Deck of the day Just on the fly

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Jadiri Gamer MTGA Daily Challenge Today we are dealing with 20 red and Blue spells were going to try and have fun with it and build a deck of the day tries is the keyword Newly built decks rarely shuffle we shall see I guess, today we did build a deck of the day for a little extra fun that could have been tweaked better but trying to hold downstream time some and not kill the equipment is a handy cap on this side.

We decided to have a little fun trying to build a non meta modern deck it could have used tweaking but it went well just built on the fly

well the streams are short but so far the laptop is holding up it is getting more difficult and there is new Idea I would like to Implement with the change of season and such but much will have to wait to get things to work with this is like pulling teeth so wait a bit we shall.
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Throne of Eldraine Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering

These fairy tales fight back! Play with new cards NOW in the Eldraine Courtside Brawl event on Magic: The Gathering Arena. Throne of Eldraine releases fully on MTG Arena September 26. Play in Prerelease September 27–29. Available everywhere October 4. Read the story of Eldraine today: Preorder on MTG Arena or at your local game store:


Once upon a time, on a world not too unlike our own, there lived Knights, Faeries, Giants, Witches, animated . . . gingerbread cookies? Okay, perhaps Eldraine is a bit different, but at the same time, it's hauntingly familiar. Inspired by the fanciful tales of our childhoods, Throne of Eldraine is almost here, so let's see what new mechanics are in store. After all, your tale is just getting started.



Gingerbread. Porridge. Magic beans. Picnic baskets full of goodies. Even the occasional pie. Fairy tales are replete with references to food. We'd be remiss if food didn't figure into our tales at least a little.

Bake into a Pie

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