MINImax Tinyverse In-Game Quiz: MINItrivia!


We have come up with fun (and sometimes tricky) questions to test you! Twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays, head down to the in-game chat to find a new question!
The answer to each question will also be a gift code for 200 Red/Blue!

How well do you know the Tinyverse and its people?Let your knowledge shine!

Example:Q: What is the name of Aidel’s Kingdom?
A: Cillespilla

Go to Settings>General>Gift Code and input your answer to earn the 200 Blue/Red!

We will also be compiling the questions on Discord[]!Check out #gift-code-book to see the questions you might have missed!

You don’t where to find the answers to the questions?Try checking out in-game information and our Gamepedia[] as well!

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