MINImax Tinyverse [EVENT] Me, Myself & MINImax


MINImax Tinyverse [EVENT] Me, Myself & MINImax Enter this event to give us a glimpse of who you are and win cool rewards!

We want to know more about you! The rules are simple: it’s all about you!

How to enter:

It usually takes a
  • 1- You will need to take screenshots of:
    • Your lockscreen/desktop
    • Your favorite team build
    • The last song you listened to
    • A song that would be the perfect battle BGM
  • 2 – Post these screenshots on Discord[] and/or on Twitter[]:
    • On Discord, please post your submission on our #me-myself-minimax channel
    • On Twitter, make sure to use the #MeMyselfMINImax and tag us @officialMINImaxIn case you post on both platforms please notify us with the link to your tweet.


  • A MINImax Tinyverse Phone Wallpaper of your choice from a selection
  • A gift code for 500 Red or Blue + an extra 250 if you post on BOTH platforms

Event Duration:From September 1st to September 11th
(Backgrounds will be sent upon participation, whereas gift codes will be given when the event ends)

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