Jadiri Gamer MTGA PlanesWalkers Omniscience Draft

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Jadiri Gamer MTGA PlanesWalkers Omniscience Draft Ok we made a test video that somehow worked out for us we played the Omniscience Draft without looking into what it is about this is a great draft if your prepare I was not do Pick the higher-powered card for this you won't need any Lands to cast and you only get select 3 cards to start.

Omniscience Draft this was A nice Little Draft with alot of potential But we were Ill-Prepared for it in our stream test

I did manage to win the first of 3games but I was poorly prepared for this event we been having issues and I was not planning an event stream at this time in any way.

this will help kick up your Mastery XP and Level and can earn you some nice reward even for one will I got a pack of cards and a gem the cost is 5000 gold the rewards themselves were good for that in my mind.
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