Tinyverse Trasus is bringing his swords

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Trasus is bringing his swords to the Tinyverse under the banner of the Aillai and taking no prisoners. Let’s take a look at his skills, shall we?

Watch out, all! Trasus the Freak is approaching the Tinyverse, swords ablaze!

His active ability is Cyclone. Trasus spins his swords around him in a firece tornado of steel, damaging his enemies. It deals 3058/ 3674 / 4587 damage, depending on level.

His first passive ability is Frenzy. You wouldn’t like Trasus when he’s angry. When Trasus takes 5 hits from any damage source, he frenzies! When Frenzy is active, his speed increases, he becomes immune to debuffs, and he does not obey you. You can’t pick him up to save him, so be careful!

His other passive ability is Berserker. When he is in a Berserker state, his health won’t drop below 1. He won’t die! Just be careful, because it doesn’t last forever!

Trasus will be hitting the field with the Rise of Champions update on August 28th!

You can check him out a bit in our Rise of Champions video

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