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The popularity of e-sport competitions grows from year to year. Now Nintendo Switch owners can get to know this world better and take on the role of an e-sport team manager.

ESport Manager offers two game modes (FPS and MOBA), a highly developed team management system and interesting e-sport challenges.

The premiere date of the digital distribution (Nintendo eShop) is set for August 27 this year.

Created by Polish studio InImages, ESport Manager debuted on PC in June 2018. Ultimate Games S.A. is responsible for its release on Nintendo Switch.

ESport Manager allows you to enter the world of e-sport tournaments. The player has the opportunity to test himself in two of the most popular e-sport genres, which are currently FPS and MOBA. The creators have developed an extensive system, within which it is necessary to create a team and care for its optimal development. The gameplay concentrates on, among other things, training players, signing advertising contracts, but also social media activity.

In the game prepared by InImages, the training of players and gaining additional skills is of great importance, which may eventually tilt victory to the player’s side. It is equally important to also care for the team's training base.

As the creators stress, ESport Manager also allows you to use interesting tactical maneuvers, and the arrangement of appropriate tactics can have a decisive influence on the outcome of the team. Special events, including sponsored tournaments, complete the gameplay.

The main features of ESport Manager:

  • e-Sports challenges;
  • two game modes (FPS, MOBA);
  • extensive system leagues and matches;
  • several dozen types of special skills;
  • team base with a high potential for development;
  • a system of tactical solutions;
  • sponsored tournaments and advertising contracts.

The game's premiere on Nintendo Switch is scheduled for August 27, 2019.

ESport Manager (Nintendo eShop):

ESport Manager (Steam):

ESport Manager trailer:

Basic information:

Title: ESport Manager

Genre: simulation, sport, strategy, independent

Producer: InImages

Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.

Language: English, German, Italian, Spanish

Number of players: 1

File size: 350 MB

Release dates: August 27, 2019 (Nintendo Switch), June 18, 2018 (Steam)

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