MTG Rampaging Ferocidon is unbanned in standard, Expect to see it available IN MTG Arena September 4th BO3 only.

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Get Ready To Rumble with this one Fans of Rampaging Ferocidon This one will be unleashed sept4 in MTG Arena BO3

Card Name:
Rampaging Ferocidon
Mana Cost:

Converted Mana Cost:
Creature — Dinosaur
Card Text:
Players can't gain life.
Whenever another creature enters the battlefield, Rampaging Ferocidon deals 1 damage to that creature's controller.
Flavor Text:
All raptors are aggressive, but ferocidons seem to enjoy their prey's pain.
3 / 3

Note that RampagingFerocidon will be unbanned in traditional best-of-three Standard on MTG Arena (as of September 4), but will remain banned in best-of-one play. This is due to differences in the metagames between those play modes, with aggressive red strategies already performing well in best-of-one.


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