MINImax Tinyverse Vol.1 Chapter 2: “Rise of Champions” Release Date Announcement


MINImax Tinyverse Vol. 1 Chapter 2: “Rise of Champions” will be available the following day:

MINImax Tinyverse is glad to announce the date of the new update to the game!

August 28, 2019 12 AM Pacific Daylight Time
August 28, 2019 4 PM Korea Standard Time
August 28, 2019 3 PM China Standard Time

Here are some of the changes that will be coming to the game:

Practice and Ranked MatchesTwo new game modes have been added to the game: you will be able to Practice your strategies and team build before facing people in Ranked Matches.
You can read more about these new modes in this post

Random Item Generation– During the battle, every time day and night change, a random item will appear in the middle of the battlefield and give a buff to your Champion and/or team! More information to come soon!

New Champions and New TroopersNew Champions and new troopers are being added to the game.

Aillai and Creaea welcome 2 new champions and 2 new troopers:
Trasus – hot-blooded Aillaian champion
Archeress – elite killers from the Cillespillan Kingdom

Mervada – head of the Glipto tribe and founder of Creaea
Rapanossan Hexer– terrifying wizard from the Rapanossa tribe

Play the game on even more platforms!– MINImax Tinyverse will be available on the Galaxy Store and on Mac internationally.
– You will also be able to play on iPhone first in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

And so much more!– A system of in-game emoticons has been added. Through these emoticons, you can express yourself during battle.
– Slots to save your team builds and those of other players
– System of achievements and rewards

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