Canadian publisher and developer Digital Extremes is ready to unharness the blazing power and speed of its new Warframe, Gauss, along with a cool collection of enticing updates for Warframe® players in the Saint of Altra update coming this week on PC. The fleet-footed Gauss blindsides the toughest of enemies by generating kinetic energy to wield an assortment of powerful moves and Abilities. The popular, endless Disruption Mode introduced in The Jovian Concord has expanded to new planets, mission types, and factions to truly challenge players across the Origin System. And Digital Extremes will soon grant players the chance to upscale an endless variety of fashion frames and Mods with the new ‘Look Link’ and ‘Mod Link’ chat features.

Take this Speedy Warframe for a Run, Explore the Expanded Disruption Mode, Exchange Looks and Mods With the New Chat Link Features, and More

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The 41st Warframe offers a suite of Abilities using kinetic movement to build up his unique speed gauge to unleash a diverse arsenal of offensive and defensive Abilities. They include:

  • MACH RUSH: Burst into a hyper-sprint to run across water, traverse across large areas faster, bowl over enemies and re-charge his Speed Gauge. Crashing into solid objects generates a powerful shockwave.
  • KINETIC PLATING: Generate armor plating that converts a portion of absorbed Kinetic Damage into Energy. Also protects Gauss from being staggered or knocked down. Damage Resistance is relative to battery level.
  • THERMAL SUNDER: Siphon kinetic energy from the area, charging the battery and inflicting Cold Status on nearby enemies. Press and hold to reverse the process, draining the battery and inflicting Heat Status on nearby enemies.
  • REDLINE: Push Gauss’ battery beyond the redline, supercharging his Abilities and setting Fire Rate, Attack Speed, Reload Speed, and Holster Rate into overdrive. When past the redline, bolts of arcing electricity dance periodically from Gauss, exploding en masse when the ability is deactivated.
  • PASSIVE: Never stop moving. Keeping Gauss in motion generates an electrical current that charges his Speed Gauge, helping Shields recharge up to 80% faster, and decreasing recharge delay up to 80%.

Gauss can be constructed from parts acquired free in-game, purchased in the Marketplace, standalone or as part of a bundle -- which includes the explosive new Missile Launcher, Grenade Pistol and more. Check for more detailed information.

Raising the Stakes With the Expanded Disruption Mode As a result of the corrupt Alad V’s sale of black market technology across the Origin System, the popular Disruption Mode has spread across the Origin system. The stakes have been raised in the expanded mode newly outfitted with some of the toughest enemies and coolest rewards! More Disruption nodes are appearing in unexpected places, including the Corpus Outpost, Grineer Galleon, Grineer Settlement, Grineer Kuva Fortress, and Orokin Moon. Here are the planets:

  • Grineer Settlement - Mars, Olympus
  • Corpus Outpost - Neptune, Laomedeia
  • Grineer Galleon - Sedna, Kelpie (Grineer)
  • Grineer Galleon - Uranus, Ur (Infested)
  • Grineer Kuva Fortress - Kuva Fortress, Tamu
  • Lua - Lua, Apollo (Corpus)

New mission types include Sorties, Syndicate Alerts and Void Fissures; and factions include Grineer, Infested and Corpus. Band together with squad members to disrupt Alad V’s foul plans!

Instant Fashion, Shawzin Around, and Harrow Deluxe An assortment of new features, skins and collectibles have been added to round-off the update and to entice the fashion frame artist, reward the collector, and sooth the musician inside all of us.

  • With the new Look Link and Mod Link chat features, players can generate a link to their chosen Warframe design or Mod Loadout and post it to share in chat, or import a shared design and loadout from a fellow Tenno with a simple click -- radically simplifying and speeding up the ability to expand one’s Warframe “wardrobe.”

  • Available for purchase in the Marketplace, the Harrow Deluxe Collection features a new Deluxe Skin, a matching Armor Set and Weapon Deluxe Skin for Spearguns.
  • Purchase the musically enticing Shawzin Hero Emote and become the Origin's Systems most renowned bard. The guitar-like Shawzin instrument (available in the Marketplace) offers Tenno the chance to serenade fellow players with any song they have the skill and creativity to perform. Let it roll, Tenno!
  • Infested Dojo Decoration Set: Decorate your clan Dojo with an aesthetic inspired by the Infection faction.
  • Riven Slot Increase: Expand your arsenal of Riven Mods -- players can now increase their collection of Riven Mods from 90 to 120.

Download Warframe’s new update this weekon PC. Look for the console versions to within the month!

Would you like to join the Warframe community? Head to ourforums to start a conversation. Check our official website To keep up with the latest updates from the development team, be sure to follow Warframe onTwitch,YouTube,Twitter,Facebook, and Instagram.


Founded in 1993 by James Schmalz, Digital Extremes ranks as one of the world's top independent video game development studios. Originating with the co-creation of Epic Games' multi-million unit selling Unreal® franchise including UnrealUnreal Tournament – and all its iterations – Digital Extremes went on to develop Dark Sector®, BioShock® for the PlayStation®3, the BioShock 2 multiplayer campaign, and The Darkness® II. The studio has reached its greatest critical and commercial success with the free-to-play action game, Warframe®, boasting a global community of 50 million registered players on PC, PS4™, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For more information about Digital Extremes, visit To sign up for Warframe,


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