The CryptantCrab Tournaments Begin

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CryptantCrab is Blockchain game that revolutionizes the field with its unique combination of mutations, exciting battles and strategic challenges. All these This comes with the tremendous rewards that await in the First CryptantCrab Tournaments! 

Over 10,000$ worth of prizes in ETH and various rewards!

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On Aug 26, CryptantCrab’s very first tournament began with a growing prize pool of 33.95 ETH and over 100 crabs to be claimed by challengers! This brings the total prize value to over 10,000 USD, where everyone who participates is already a winner. With each battle in the Tournament you move up the leaderboards to the higher teir rewards where 75% of the Prize Pool and 55 CryptantCrabs are waiting to be claimed.

For contestants ranked 6 and below, Lucky Prizes featuring 5% of the Prize Pool, 25 crabs, 75 Cryptants, and 30-Day VIP Passes await. Additionally, Special Prizes will be awarded to those who manage to fall into unique categories during the Tournament. These categories range from being a poised Defender with unbreakable defense, to being a pacifistic Monk with most defensive losses.

Finally, Prime Soldiers ranked 31 and below will receive 4.5x Cryptant. These are special materials players can use to mutate their CryptantCrabs and possibly increase its battle ability or even attain a valuable Legendary Part! This is a guaranteed regardless of your rank and is perfect opportunity to get power up your Crabs for the Battle Arena.

Participate in the Tournament to win your share of these amazing prizes today!

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