Live another life with Farmer’s Dynasty!

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Bigben and Toplitz Productions are delighted to release a new gameplay video for Farmer’s Dynasty: experience authentic country life, wide open spaces and farming activities. After a positive reception among Steam players after its Early Access launch, the

game will be available on November 7, 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and later on Nintendo Switch™.

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Watch the gameplay video here:

Have you dreamed for years of living in the country side? You can with Farmer’s Dynasty: get back to nature and become a farmer.

Start with simple farming tools and grow quickly from there through deep gameplay: build, repair and harvest. Improve your yield by acquiring new agricultural facilities like greenhouses and silos on your way to becoming one of the top farmers in the village.

The social aspect is a major part of the game. At the end of your working day, take part in village events to unwind and develop your social life. Meet your neighbors and spend time with them. These interactions could lead to a romantic relationship and family life in the countryside.

Key Features 

- Live a farmer's life: build your farm, start a family and cultivate your fields.
- Play a unique blend of farm simulator, life simulator and management.
- Build, repair and expand your farm to match your vision.
- Experience the freedom to go anywhere you want in an open world in the country.
- Help your neighbors in different missions and earn social points.
- A realistic simulation: learn how to use different farming machines and manage cycles to optimize crop yields.

Farmer’s Dynasty will be available on November 7, 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and later on Nintendo Switch™.

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About Bigben
Bigben, a leading publisher of video games on PC and consoles, is known for its creativity and innovation. After its acquisition of four development studios (Cyanide, Eko, KT Racing and Spiders), which are all internationally recognised for their expertise in different genres, Bigben is strengthening its position as a developer and publisher of premium games and is aiming to become the world's leading AA publisher.

About Toplitz
Located in Irding, near the mysterious Lake Toplitz in the heart of Austria, Toplitz Productions is currently working on new titles. We develop PC and console games that are full of the heart, soul and love we put into them.  

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