Forged of Blood releases Sandbox Conquest Mode, 3 weeks after launch

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Critical Forge has just released a patch with the much requested sandbox mode for it’s hardcore tactical RPG game. 

In the three weeks following the game’s launch, the team has been diligently working to address all the player feedback

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while staying true to what makes the game a treat for hardcore RPG gamers. The addition of the sandbox mode allows players to enjoy the exploration of the large continent of Attiras without pressure from the game’s challenging narrative arcs in the main campaign. 

Also, in keeping with the team’s philosophy of empowering their players with options, a new slider that allows players to adjust the hotly debated Philosophical Distance Threshold has also been implemented along with a litany of bug fixes that can be seen in the Steam patch notes for the game.

To view the full update on Steam follow this link:

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