Resurrection of the Night: Alucard’s Elegy Available Digitally and on Vinyl


Materia Collective is pleased to release Resurrection of the Night: Alucard’s Elegy. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund live choir sessions and other live performers, Alucard’s Elegy breathes new life into what amounts to the upside-down castle companion to 2017’s original Resurrection of the Night album. Fan-favorite tracks including the serene “Lost Painting,” soulful “Wandering Ghosts,” and series tradition, “Bloody Tears,” are featured alongside ten other selections. The project is arranged and produced by Wayne Strange and Tim Stoney. The album is licensed and available wherever digital music is sold:Resurrection of the Night: Alucard’s Elegy on All Storefronts

An all-new musical journey through symphony of the Night’s iconic soundtrack crowdfunded to include live performers and choir courtesy of Materia Collective

Resurrection of the Night: Alucard’s Elegy Vinyl on BandcampIn addition to funding the live performances heard throughout Alucard’s Elegy, the crowfunding campaign also made the stunning vinyl edition possible. It will be available soon on Bandcamp.The full track listing for Resurrection of the Night: Alucard’s Elegy includes:01. The Nightmare02. Crystal Teardrops03. Wandering Ghosts04. A Creature of Chaos05. Lost Painting06. Finale Toccata07. Death Ballad08. Door to the Abyss09. The Wounded Lord10. Admiration of a Clan11. Moonlight Nocturne12. Iron Blue Intention13. Bloody Tears  Learn more about the creation of Resurrection of the Night: Alucard’s Elegy: to 2017’s original Resurrection of the Night album: Wayne Strange Wayne Strange is an orchestrator, composer, and a lifelong Castlevania fan. For the past seven years he’s worked with Video Games Live, arranging the scores for a number of their live cues and album releases. In the past he was an additional arranger for The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses and BT Electronic Opus concert tours.  He also provided additional orchestrations and score prep services for a number of AAA titles, including Star Trek: The Video Game and God of War: Ascension.Wayne studied voice performance and music theory at Westminster Choir College and game design at Camden County College.  One of his earliest gaming memories can be traced back to Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest.Follow Wayne Strange on Twitter and FacebookAbout Tim Stoney Tim is currently working as a professional composer in the music industry with a focus on music for film and videogame trailers. His credits include music on trailers for Maze Runner: The Death CureVenom and Call of Duty.

Before starting his career in trailer music, he was involved in many videogame-related projects such as The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses and Video Games Live, and a more personal project dedicated to recreating the music for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess alongside other videogame arrangers (ZREO), including Wayne Strange.Learn more on http://www.timpstoney.comFollow Tim Stoney on TwitterSoundCloud, and YouTubeAbout Materia Collective Materia Collective is a Seattle-based videogame music publisher and label, representing an international array of renowned video game musicians, composers, and songwriters. The collective supports its members with the financial, legal, logistical, and creative aspects of bringing videogame music into the forefront. The company has become known within the industry as a representation of highly innovative game music endeavors that move and inspire.Learn more: http://www.materiacollective.comFollow Materia Collective on TwitterFacebookYouTube and SoundCloud

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