Clank! In! Space! CYBER STATION 11 is your next larceny target!

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Journey to the edge of civilized space and board CYBER STATION 11, the newest expansion for Clank! In! Space!

Commander Preon filled it with Cyberware and thought it was safe… but you and your thieving associates can now show her otherwise.

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What will you find on this remote facility:

  • New six-piece space station board with crazy hyperlifts and three module positions
  • Casino/Cyber Facility module that can be used along with other modules from Clank! In! Space!
  • 2 Executive Escape Pods that unlock as you fill the Commander with rage
  • 40 new Adventure Deck cards are filled with the delights and frustrations you’re used to from these heists
  • Included in these new cards are Cyberware that can be permanently installed using power crystals
  • As you plunder her station, you can use the new Commander Preon boss marker for added ambience

Whether it’s illegal, hazardous, or just plain fun, you’ll find it on CYBER STATION 11… coming later this year!

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