Rogue Heist Steam Early Access phase blows up

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Indie developer Lifelike Studios is thrilled to announce that Rogue Heist has made its way to early access as a Steam free-to-play title. Sticky-fingered thieves are invited to join up right now on Steam for robust 6v6 online co-op action!

Aspiring thieves can join up thanks to the F2P launch

fandomfare merch store is live

Rogue Heist challenges, aspiring thieves to form crews of six before entering into battle against another crew. The goal is, of course, to hack into an ambushed convoy’s safe to loot as many high-value packages as possible all while defending the crew’s stolen goods from the enemy. Players can choose from roles that include Sniper, Assault, Support, and Hacker. Each role is crucial in snagging as much loot as possible and protecting it.

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Rogue Heist Key Features:

  • 6v6 online co-op action;
  • A variety of factions to represent depending on your personal style;
  • Play Sniper to overwatch your crew or go Assault to get up close and personal;
  • Strategic combat and awareness as you hack into the convoy’s safe;
  • Running and gunning on the way to securing the package before heading out again;
  • A role dedicated to supporting the Hacker in the game;
  • Experience gains based on performance as well as Heist Ratings and your share of the package based on your match performance.
  • Multiple other game modes from Deathmatch to team brawls, and more to come! 

About Lifelike Studios
Lifelike Studios is an Indie gaming studio based out of Mumbai, India. With a passion for creating games that are engaging, visually stunning and fun, we believe a good game can transcend all borders and reach people across the world regardless of who are its makers. Rogue Heist is our first game which we plan to release on Steam first and console later. With a team of 15 people working since the last 16 months, we are really excited to present our first game to the community.

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