MUSYNX Update v1.1.4 is now live on Nintendo Switch!.

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 PM Studios, and acttil are thrilled to announce that the acclaimed indie rhythm music game MUSYNX is receiving a brand new update* for the Nintendo Switch today!

The update 1.1.4* will add 9 brand new songs from famous composers around the world for free! Featuring a special collaboration with Yunomi! 

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Yunomi is one of the more recent J-pop sensations to appear in the music world. Theming his songs around the concept of "cute", his style of J-pop is heavily based on EDM, trap, and future bass. You can follow him on social media as well on Spotify!
His Hits 惑星ラビット(Planet Rabbit) and 星降る夜のアデニウム (Starry Night) and all the other songs are now available for download right now for free, just update the game to the latest version and the songs will be available for play! 

*For details of this update for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita please stay tuned to I-Inferno Twitter Channel (

Check out all the new songs on this trailer!

New Song List:
(For European and US Markets)

* B612 - litmus*
* CO5M1C R4ILR0AD - kanone
* Hello Halley - XiaoYeDao
* The Formula - Junk
* 8th Planet - P4koo
* Brain Power - NOMA
* R.I.P - eicateve
* 惑星ラビット(Planet Rabbit) - Yunomi feat. TORIENA
* 星降る夜のアデニウム (Starry Night) - Yunomi feat. TORIENA

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