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Today we have prepared a number of things which will make our existing in-game features more complite and prepare our game for the larger improvements that we are still working on


Deck of Ashes Preparing for the bigger better Things in the game for all with This update

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Let’s take it in order with pictures.

Cards Renew Ritual
From now on, if there are no cards in the deck of ashes, the revival ritual button will be unavailable 🙂

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Now all the pop-up windows that bring you information will be easier to read. Everything ingenious is simple: we made the tooltips wider 🙂

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More clarity on self-harming
Now, recieving the Strain effect, you will clearly know how much damage you will get. No more misunderstandings.

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Tutorial improvements
We have added some useful features in the Tutorial. Now the pointer that indicate how to perform any action leads clearly to the target.

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Other things:

  • If you have passed the Tutorial, the game mode selection screen will indicate this info with a special tip;
  • Now, after the completion of the Tutorial, the Ash Master will hint that the reached progress is not transferred to the main campaign.

Other improvements

  • Now, if you have only unplayable cards in your hand, the Ash Pact will be added in your deck;
  • Now in the camp after the fight, a tab with the cards renew will be opened, and not their creation;
  • Minor localization improvements;
  • Bug fixed.


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