gamescom: Play five upcoming Indie Gems from Headup at the Indie Mega Booth!


Tomorrow, gamescom 2019 will finally open its gates in Cologne and the German game publisher Headup will attend as well to show you what they will soon have in store for you. Five great indie games available to play, and in addition the chance to personally talk to the developers of Fromto and Vambrace: Cold Soul. Stop by at the Indie Arena Booth in Hall 10.2!

Also, don't miss the chance to talk to the great developers of Fromto and Vambrace, they are eager to receive some constructive feedback

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You're welcome to check out the following titles:

  • Colt Canyon - Shoot your bloody way through The West to rescue your kidnapped partner in this unique looking pixelated roguelike twin-stick shooter. Coming to PC and consoles.
  • Outbuddies - Run, gun and explore an open underground city in this otherworldly non-linear Metroidvania adventure about the Old Gods, strange creatures and the remnants of a lost world. Coming to PC and consoles.
  • Fromto - Enjoy this chaotic, childish 2D sandbox racing game including on-the-fly track building options with up to four players. To be released on PC and Nintendo Switch. (Developer interviews possible.)
  • Silver Chains - Try not get your pants scared off (that would be awkward) while checking out what spooky things are happening in this first person horror game for PC and consoles.
  • Vambrace: Cold Soul - Prepare and execute tough exploration trips in a mashup of tactical roguelike RPG and story-rich fantasy adventure. PC version is out already, consoles upcoming. (Developer interviews possible.)

For more details and material on the individual titles we have press kits for all of them: Outbuddies | ColtCanyon | Fromto | Silver Chains | Vambrace

About Headup

Headup is a hybrid games publishing and development company providing players worldwide with the best content in the independent gaming sector. Established in 2009, it is active on all major platforms such as consoles, mobile devices and PC, and was awarded as "Best Publisher" at the German Developers Awards in 2012, 2013 and 2017. With over 80 million customers served on mobile and further several million players on the PC and consoles, Headup is always looking to raise awareness and commercial success for developers thinking outside the box. More information can be found at

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