CryptantCrab’s Upcoming Tournament Prize Pool is 33ETH and growing!

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With just ONE WEEK to go, things are really starting to heat up for CryptantCrab’s upcoming Prize Pool Tournament! This features a growing prize pool of 33 ETH that will continue to grow until the last minute!

Introductory Starter Pack Discounts

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If you’ve missed the Pre-sale and the Battle Arena Launch, CryptantCrab is a blockchain collectible game featuring vibrant digital crabs players can collect, mutate, battle and even trade in the marketplace. 

As players gear up for the big Tournament, Appxplore (iCandy) Ltd. is officially offering valuable discounts for all players - new or old!

Among these offers include the 30-Days VIP Pass, a perfect starter pack for anyone interested in getting started in the game. For a limited time, the 30-Days VIP Pass is seeing a price reduction of 25% at the CryptantCrab Shop. At 0.1490 ETH, the package comes with 2 Brand New Crabs, x2 Crab EXP, x4 Daily rewards, and 3 Extra Arena Team slots. 

Additionally, Crab Tokens will now be on sale for 0.025 ETH instead of 0.05 ETH during the Tournament. This increased accessibility is good news for all players, as Crab Tokens act as Tournament entry tickets. Expect to see a competitive season as more players throw in their tokens to compete for Crypto rewards!
Before the Tournament begins, players can join the Arena where rewards are distributed every 5 days with prizes ranging from CryptantCrabs, VIP Passes and even precious Cryptant! Step into the Arena now and prepare for the First CryptantCrab Tournament, where a growing prize pool of 33ETH and over awaits!

Tournament Date: Aug 26, 2019 (UTC 00:00) - Sep 5, 2019 (UTC 00:00)

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