Dominaria Standard Shale up This MTG Arena Event Starts Sunday Night and Fandomfare will be there to Hopefully Join in all the Fun and Excitement, that will be unleashed in the Arena and to pump up our Land Design Collection.

Fandonfare Gaming Looking forward to your joining with us in this Event Sunday

fandomfare merch store is live

you want to make a name for yourself in the Multiverse, Dominaria is the place to start...or the place to destroy. Either way, your visit promises to be the stuff of legend.

Download Magic the Gathering Arena here no need to play to watch but if you want to join in the fun .

SIx wins will get you all the event has to offer there are unlimited losses so you can play at your own pace or play from beginning to end nonstop with or without taking a breath through breathing is recommended this is a 2 day event should be plenty of time to be all that you can be in the MTG arena.

format for this event is standard shake up I have not a clue what that is but we will be figuring it out and shaking all the standard we can muster Fandomfare Gaming will be there with Live game stream on Sunday we are looking forward to all joining us in this event


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