Announcing the Shadows of Larth an Action game for an intended release in the second quarter of 2020.

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Zine. E. Falouti an independent video game developer announces the Shadows of Larth, a Third Person Action game with a triple stance based melee combat System infused with RPG elements, the game is planned for release in the second quarter of the year 2020. While Playing you will uncover various game mechanics as The following: Normal Hand : You can equip any weapon you find or loot in your right hand, you can also upgrade each by reaching the forge of the Sixth Fort (Hub Area) and finding red stones.

“Unleash your blade, and cleanse Larth from beasts & men.Explore freely the realms of the Lower Larth and decide its fate”

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Marked Hand : Your left hand is special and can also equip “Marked Abilities” magical skills that you can unleash on your foes, these abilities can be unlocked by finding Blue Scrolls.

Stances : For each weapon class “Dual”,”Two Handed” & “Pole Arms” you will have three stances the moment you switch the stance the combo attack chain changes, but also the stamina consumption and damage ratio.

The Game is set in the lands of the “Lower Larth”, a semi-open world with woods, caves, Villages, cities and palaces that you will explore as you wish. Because of the Wind Element corruption, The Marked Guild sent you as one of their five champions. Face Keepers and Shadows Of Larth and help restore the Wind to its former state. Heal the wounds of the Land or ignore it and walk your path, your choices will forge your Destiny and the fate of many.

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