MINImax Tinyverse Introducing 2 new game Modes out next update Practice Match / Ranked Match

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Our first new mode is Practice Match.

Practice Match is a mode where you can train and practice comfortably! Our practice mode will have some new key features.

We are excited to announce that two new game modes are coming to the Tinyverse soon: Ranked Match and Practice Match!

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  • Every miracle, trooper, and champion unlocked. You can try out a new champion, check out different builds, or experiment with miracles immediately!
  • Customizable opponent difficulty! If you’re new, you can play nice and slow or if you’re more advanced, you can have more of a challenge.
  • Customizable opponent builds! Having trouble beating a champion? Now you can practice against them with any build you want!

Practice Match gives you a taste of real battle and helps you prepare for a real fight. Mix and match champions and troopers, find a new favorite champion, see which miracles fit your team, and build a team that suits 

Our other new mode is Ranked Match.

Ranked Matches will allow you to test your might against other players in the Tinyverse; prove your skill, and climb the ladder all the way to being #1. Ranked Match will be replacing the “Leaderboard” ladder. Ranked matches will have some new key features:

  • Ranked matches are competitive — winning ranked matches causes you to gain ranked points, while losing matches decreases your amount.
  • New rank tiers — You can fight your way into different tiers. For now, our tiers will be Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each tier has 5 levels.
  • Ranked seasons — The initial Seasons will last up to one month. At the end of the season, grades and ranks are adjusted.
  • Season prizes — At the end of the season, you will receive a medal based on your grade, and some other rewards, like Ether, as well!

World Rankings will be displayed in game so you can see how you stack up against everyone else!

Want to share your thoughts on the new modes? Don’t be shy, message us on discord here:

We hope you enjoy these new modes and we hope they bring new challenges and excitement to you. See you in the Tinyverse!

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