Multiplay Survival RPG CryoFall Launches New Electricity Update & Dev Roadmap

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AtomicTorch Studio and Daedalic Entertainment today implemented a large content update for their survival multiplayer game, CryoFall. The update introduces the Electricity system. Players can establish a power grid into their base to increase efficiency, production and security.

Different types of generators – powered by steam, solar energy, biogas or gasoline

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– produce electricity to power new advanced structures such as electric furnaces and freezers. AtomicTorch ensured that the new system is simple yet powerful and will be used as a foundation for a lot of new, reworked and future content.

Additionally, new structures and creatures find their way in CryoFall: The Tinker table allows players to combine two broken items into one repaired one. Based on the new Maintenance skill, the Tinker table also restores some extra percent of durability. New biomes – swamps and volcanic areas – as well as several new creatures expand the game and its world.

In reaction to the community feedback, players will not lose LP anymore after death. Hitboxes have been reworked and status effect icons are visible over the affected characters’ heads.

The press pack for CryoFall can be found here:

For more information about CryoFall, please visit the game’s official Steam page.


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