MINImax Tinyverse Enemies beware Rapanossan Hexer Coming Soon

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MINImax Tinyverse Enemies beware Meet Creaea’s next trooper!The Rapanossan Hexer is slithering his way into our next update!
The Rapanossan Hexers are terrifying Creaean wizards from the Rapanossa Tribe. Be careful of the curse they cast!

Enemies beware, Creaea’s new trooper is almost here: Rapanossan Hexer!

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NOTE: This trooper’s design is still under development, there might be changes by the time it is fully implemented in the game.

What do you think of this new trooper, does he look promising?
More information on the Rapanossan Hexer and his mysterious curse to come soon. Stay tuned!

‘Be a GOD’ Real-Time Action Chess! Watch over and lead your favorite champions as they battle for the glory of Tinyverse.


The Tinyverse is a small tiny universe hidden in the depths of an old antique shop called MINImax. In the Tinyverse, two realms constantly fight for its hegemony waiting for deity-like beings, like you or me, to arrive at the battle to upset the balance of this endless war.
You can enter this world only if you are able to find MINImax antique shop, luckily, we have a secret direct passage for you here on Steam.

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