New trailer for Wooden Nickel released

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 Brain&Brain has released a new trailer for their upcoming frontier adventure Wooden Nickel, available on both YouTube ( and Vimeo ( They also announced that the game will be playable at the Indie MEGABOOTH showcase at PAX West in Seattle later this month.

In Wooden Nickel, you arrive by train on your way elsewhere, a week's aimless wait ahead of you in a tiny, hard-luck town.

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As you while away the time, you begin to find yourself increasingly drawn into the curiosities of the local newspaper and, through it, the people of this land of dust and ambition.

Part of Indie MEGABOOTH, Wooden Nickel can be played at booth #862 from August 30 - September 2 at PAX West in Seattle, WA. The developers will be at the booth and available for interviews for the duration of the show.

Wooden Nickel is planned to be released on console, desktop, and mobile platforms. Dispatches from the frontier can be received by signing up at


About Brain&Brain

Brain&Brain is a married duo best known for their whimsical folktale adventure Burly Men at Sea. Based in an old mill in the Ozarks, they tell stories about curiosity.

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David & Brooke Condolora - [email protected]


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