HXRO will list on CoinAll, Mega giveaway of 550,000 HXRO

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CoinAll, one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges in the world, will list HXRO token on 12th Aug. HXRO spot trading (USDT market) will be officially open at 17:00 HKT. HXRO is a player vs player gaming platform that merges cryptocurrency trading with social gaming. CoinAll will also launch a mega giveaway of 550,000 HXRO for users who Deposit, Buy or Trade HXRO token.

CoinAll, one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges in the world, will list HXRO token on 12th Aug. HXRO spot trading (USDT market)

HXRO has created a new market segment for gaming on digital assets through easy to understand trading-based games with high social play and community engagement.

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The platform integrates the HXRO token which is an ERC-20 token with full utility as a gaming credit on the HXRO platform. . Tokens are used as entry fees to HXRO denominated games, rewards and incentives. The platform beta was launched January 1, 2019 and has quickly grown to be one of the most widely used crypto gaming platforms globally. Today, HXRO platform has more than 37,000 users and has been played across 170 countries worldwide.

To celebrate this grand list of HXRO token, CoinAll will launch the campaign to give away 550,000 HXRO with three promotions. First, users with a cumulative net deposit volume (net deposit volume = deposit amount – withdrawal amount) of over 5,000 HXRO on CoinAll can share 250,000 HXRO. Second, users with a daily net buying volume of 200 HXRO on CoinAll are eligible for the lottery. We will randomly draw 100 3-digit numbers between 000-999. If the last 3 digits of a user's mobile number match one of the lucky numbers, the user can share 100,000 HXRO bonus. Last but not the least, users with a cumulative HXRO trading volume (buying volume + selling volume, excluding trading volume between personal accounts) of ≥10,000 HXRO on CoinAll can share 300,000 HXRO. For more details about the campaign, please check www.coinall.com.

CoinAll, the world fastest-growing crypto exchange in 2019, is dedicated to exploring projects with high quality and potential. Through establishing in-depth collaborations and importing resources, CoinAll strives to grow with its projects and is responsible for its users.


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