Drone Strike Force soars to Steam on Aug. 16th

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Odisi Games and NGD Studios are proud to announce that Drone Strike Force will be launching for PC via Steam on August 16th. Drone Strike Force is a high-octane competitive, skill-based game that is bringing new challenges to the FPS genre with its unique free-flying competitive gameplay.  The team is inviting any and all comers into a special weekend-long open beta that begins Friday August 9th at Noon EST, and ends Sunday August 11th. Simple visit the game’s Steam Page during that time, click the demo download, and get on wreaking havoc in the skies.

Get in on the heart-pumping action during this weekend’s Open Beta

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Drone Strike Force - Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

Take to the skies and blow stuff up, people.

All content during the open beta will be available - including the brand new map and Deathmatch mode to go alongside Domination and King of the Hill modes. Those who want to make sure to get in on the beta should wishlist Drone Strike Force on Steam to be primed and ready to go!

Drone Strike Force will be launching on August 16th via Steam for $19.99 (USD). There isno additional in-game monetization at this time.

We have Steam keys available for reviewers and content creators, so please fill out this form to request one!

About Drone Strike Force
In the mid-21st century, citizen soldiers and corporations battle it out against each other to claim control of cities ravaged by global warming. Command next-generation military UAV drones via a state-of-the-art Drone Brain Meld Interface (DBMi) that provides instantaneous neural control. Work in teams to capture critical control nodes. Gain experience from battles to upgrade your drone with added functionality and add new drones to your garage.

Fly and shoot at high velocity while using the environment and your drone’s agile capabilities to outmaneuver enemies and give your team the win. Choose from a number of unique drones, weapons, perks, and abilities to customize each loadout to your own personal playstyle.


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