Order of Battle: Red Star is releasing today on PC and Mac

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Comrades, the Motherland is under attack! Today Order of Battle, one of the most epic wargames ever made (81% Metascore), launches a new trilogy focused on the Red Army in World War II.


Red Star is the first campaign under the Red Banner: starting off in the Far East with the fight at Lake Khasan facing the assault from Imperial Japan

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 13 scenarios with the Red Army's major battles from 1938 to 1941, ending the campaign with the Battle for Moscow.
 Campaign Features

  • 13 new scenarios, from 1938 to 1941
  • Added a number of Soviet units in use mainly in those early years up to 1940 (including BT-7A support tanks, KV-1 m1940 heavy tanks, both new towed and self-propelled artillery units, two truck-mounted light anti-air units, and R-10 and Su-2 tactical bombers)
  • If the player manages to complete certain objectives he can unlock a number of new Soviet commanders, including prominent military leaders like General Georgy Zhukov
  • Specialisations have been adapted too for the Soviet side, for example to give the player access to Guards infantry units, to a specific commander, or to allow for more experienced units or additional Command Points for unit deployment

What is Order of Battle - Order of Battle: World War II is one of the most acclaimed wargames ever made (81% Metascore) and is free to play. It includes the Boot camp scenarios (tutorial) plus the first mission of every available DLC for hours of free gameplay. Since the initial release in 2015, Slitherine has published 12 campaigns spanning from the Pacific Theatre to the Desert War in North Africa and the final assault on Berlin. With the new trilogy starting with Red Star, Order of Battles now takes the players to the Eastern Front commanding the Red Army.

To celebrate the launch of Red Star, after the new DLC release and until August 15th, all Order of Battle franchise will have a special sale of 50%!


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