New Cat Lover MMORPG “Sword Cat Online” Exclusively Launched on Google Play (Android) after Two Months of Testing and Optimization

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Vancouver, Aug 8th, 2019 - Elysium Games’ new Cat MMO Sword Cat Online just officially and exclusively launched on Google Play(Android)( after two months of open beta testing to optimize the game.

Sword Cat Online is a very rare full MMORPG features solely cat heroes made for cat lovers.

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It adopts a cute cartoonish graphics style and has a unique control system where players can enjoy the game with just the thumb while holding the phone in a natural position. It features full social gameplay such as clans, chat, PvP Arena, World Boss Co-Op, as well as a full single-player campaign containing hundreds of stages.
It’s suitable for both casual and hardcore players. However, due to it being an action MMORPG, there are frequently anime-style fighting scenes, so the game is recommended for 12+ years old players.
To celebrate the release, all new players are welcome to use code “scofun19” to redeem a free cat hero + 300 Gems in the game. The code has a limited quantity, so it is recommended to redeem early.

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