MTG Arena Patch notes for august 8th


MTG Arena Patch notes This patch at least for me and many other Brought Magic Arena to its Knees Today after updating You could get in do almost anything but Play the game would make Matches Deliver no cards games ended in a draw and even more loss of Rank as ended in timers counting out and defeat.

After Spending the better side of 3 and a half hours trying to date and get things going we did manage to finish the Daily quest with the three matches we got between crashes.

It usually takes a

Watch Highlight: Jadiri Gamer MTGA daily Challenege from fandomfare on

After Nearly Giving up on today’s MTGA Stream with the update persistence Paid off IN 2 Wins to Finish the Quest !,2, and 3

fandomfare merch store is live

On the bright side for me anyhow the three games I did manage to pull off were the strongest wins I have had in months, so there is a bright side.



  • Real-money transactions will now take place within the game client. Players will no longer be directed to a secure website browser to complete their purchase.
  • Discover, American Express, Maestro and JCB are now supported payment options.
  • For more information, please refer to our Upcoming Changes to MTG Arena’s Payment System.


  • Nexus of Fate is no longer incorrectly banned in best-of-three Direct Challenge matches.
  • Players may no longer sideboard down to a 40-card deck in best-of-three Direct Challenge matches.


  • If a player attempts to install the latest version of MTG Arena while the client is currently running, it may automatically restart their PC.
  • When playing in a Plane-cation event, if a player is currently in-match when the event ends they will be disconnected.

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