Completed the Ixalan Treasure Constructed event Exclusively on Facebook

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we are attempting a little more of the IXALAN treasure Constructed Event Exclusively on Facebook.

MTGA PlaneWalkers we did complete this Ixalan Treasure Constructed event in just over an hour worked out ok But very laggy

we have played this a bi a few days ago I dint really Like the format this way it is or was the slowest lagged event I have played ina log time.

we did it we managed to finish this event Though the action was very painfully slow like I said in gain to much-dammed animation slowing down not only the computer but the game servers cause big issues with timers disconnects and more.

Facebook really needs to start stepping up to the plate with the live game streaming with both the live streamer and the developers

fandomfare merch store is live

I play this game every day but if I was a reviewer and this event as my experience with MTGA it would get a -5 stars o based on this you can't have an action game using an animation that slows down the action that much. and slowing down a strategy game that many breaks any and all concentration.

Facebook Really need to Fiz it screen sharing feature and ap so we can tag games again not sure what the point is in not allowing us to tag our game ith share screen is about not only does it lose there game feature viewer but it loses then creators.

I think if they would not only treat user a little better have better communication but reach out to game developers creating offers and programs like twitch and others this could really take off the ay it is now other than the one or 2 most popular games this is all going to fail .

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