After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the independent game studio Neural Oscillations Games just announced that Road Rage Royale is available now in “Early Access” on Steam.

Road Rage Royale is a racing fighting game for 2 to 4 players set in a cyberpunk post-apocalyptic world.

Road Rage Royale is a multiplayer “close combat racing” game that pits 2 to 4 players on a racetrack until there is only one left. The race leader automatically deals damage to all his pursuers who in return gain various bonuses to cause serious damage. Players, therefore, have to rely on their best tactical and racing skills to emerge victorious. This sensory “easy to learn, hard to master” game gets intense as rounds follow each other at a thrilling pace.

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Neural Oscillations Games just announced that Road Rage Royale is available now in “Early Access” on Steam.

 play a game that was the perfect mix between tactical fighting and racing. Car combat with no guns where you have to race as well as you fight.


  • Local Multiplayer: Gather around the same computer and challenge your friends or family in fast, action packed, tactical race car combats.
  • The Rage Overdrive Engine: All cars are powered by their driver’s rage, the more distance between the race leader and you, the more rage you generate. The more rage you generate, the more engine power you get, but more rage also causes you more damage over. Be careful.
  • Speed based damages: On impact, the faster you go towards your target, the more damage you do. Unless you hit a wall, or something that tends to explode, like an explosive barrel for instance.
  • No Guns: Your car is your weapon and your shield. Who needs a gun when you can hurl more than 2 tons of screaming metal at your opponents?
  • Active skill: Rage also fills small reservoirs that and can be used to trigger your unique active skill. Use it wisely to make the difference.
  • Drifty car controls: Metal wheels on metal tracks means drifty cars.
  • Feel the steel: Isometric 3D hand-drawn cyber-punk post-apocalyptic art style. Few explosions, many sparks.
  • Hear the squeal: Original cyber-punk post-apocalyptic (again) rock music is partially procedurally generated in real time.
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Other graphic elements for Road Rage Royale are also available in the game’s press kit.

About Neural Oscillations Games

Neural Oscillations Games is an independent video game studio founded by Ludovic Lhomme to create original and unique game experiences. Based in Orléans, France, Ludovic has been working on Road Rage Royale, his first public video game, since 2017. Before 2017 he worked on many interactive projects as an employee in advertising and web agencies for 10 years. Road Rage Royale launches in early access this summer on Steam.


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