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Game Industry Conference (GIC) announces next speakers for their upcoming event, taking place from October 17th to 20th in Poznan, Poland. GIC is one of the five biggest B2B- and developer conferences in Europe and the biggest game event east of Cologne. The submission phase only lasts until August 10th. Talks can be submitted via this link. Speakers are encouraged to go for more advanced and specialized topics.

Submission phase is ending – call for speakers remains open only until August 10th

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Further confirmed speakers

GIC gives more insights into this year’s attending speakers. Łukasz Burdka, Solution Engineer at Techland, talks about how to build a diverse and consistent open world with C-Engine and its impact on developing Dying Light 2. Martyna Neumann-Baranowska of Vivid Games addresses an often-underestimated topic: How to name your game. With insights gathered from several case-studies, she will clarify the importance of recognition by first impression. Richard Rouse III, director of Paranoid Games and former Design Lead at Microsoft and Ubisoft, talks about how to create unique narratives in order to make games re-playable. Eric Jacobus, veteran stuntman, filmmaker and action designer, talks about action and combat choreography based on his experience with Kratos, Baldur and other characters from God of War. Riffard Axel, Support Engineer at Epic Games Japan, talks about Unreal Engine from a deeply technical perspective. He will cover a range of topics, from Unreal Engine’s build pipeline to how one can customize it for their own needs.

Game Industry Conference (GIC) announces next speakers for their upcoming event, taking place from October 17th to 20th in Poznan, Poland. GIC

A gradually updated overview of already confirmed talks is available with this link.

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Four summits are part of GIC

After the huge success in 2018’s edition of GIC, GodotCon, the summit of Godot Engine dev community is back for this year’s conference. Juan Linietsky, Godot‘s Lead Developer will arrive from Argentina, to take part in the summit. Interested developers will be welcomed as well as all Godot Engine users. The attendance is free. Poland’s support of own engine developing is well known in the industry. Therefore, the Engine Programmers Summit is the perfect occasion to discuss advancements and challenges in this field. Improving the cooperation between producers, universities, researchers and educators is the objective of the Science+Education+Game Sector summit, while also being supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. More experienced game designers will be interested in the Game Design SummitThere, they will have the opportunity to take part in up to 30 workshops. Highly qualified speakers will share their expertise with attendees, e.g.  Josh Sawyer of Obsidian and Piotr Mistygacz of Techland.

The GIC, along with Poznan Game Arena, forms the biggest game event east of Cologne. It features professional knowledge exchange, workshops, roundtables, a B2B exhibition area, MeetToMatch meetings, Geek Careers recruitment opportunities and nearly a dozen networking parties. Not to mention the Central Eastern Europe Game Awards ceremony, Epic Game Music concert and many more. Since its beginnings in 2008, the GIC grew to become one of the most significant events in Europe’s gaming landscape with about 3.600 attendees, 133 talks and 1089 MeetToMatch meetings in 2018.  in 2018. The GIC 2019 will take place in Poznan, Poland from October 17th to 20th. For more Information please visit

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