Eternal Trials of Grodov Draft Format Update

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Trials of Grodov Dark Frontier draft has worked out well, with a higher than usual emphasis on customizable synergies; so we’re updating the draft pack contents in a way that still preserves emphasis on these synergies. Instead of changing the focus of the supported strategies, we’re opening up support for three or more faction decks, allowing for a greater range of combinations of cards than before. We’re also expanding the number of mechanics, the range of factions where some mechanics show up, and adding some high rarity build arounds that can lead a draft in a new direction.

With the release of Trials of Grodov, we’re updating the draft format for Eternal.

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In keeping with an emphasis on Dark Frontier’s mechanics, the pack order will continue to be:

Trials of Grodov  Dark Frontier draft has worked out well, with a higher than usual emphasis on customizable synergies; so we’re updating the draft pack

Our goal is to add new puzzles to solve, expand the range of possibilities in Dark Frontier, and explore the format in a new context.

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Eternal Draft Packs have specifically curated cards from each of the other five major sets, The Empty Throne, Omens of the Past, The Dusk Road, The Fall of Argenport, and Defiance. The goal of these Draft Packs is to weave these cards together with the cards and mechanics from the newest set, while providing access to iconic cards from years past, and we’ve selected the contents with those goals in mind. If you’re interested in which cards are in the Draft Packs, you can click the link here.

We hope you all enjoy the new Trials of Grodov draft format as much as we do. See you in the game!


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