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Independent developer, Lucid Games, have announced the first Switchblade Battle Pass today for Steam PC and PlayStation®4, as well as confirming the arrival of an all-new sci-fi-inspired support class vehicle, The Angel, on theSwitchblade battlefield.

Switchblade’s first Battle Pass & new support vehicle are now available to download on Steam PC & PS4 in Lucid’s free-to-play, team-based vehicle action MOBA

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Watch the latest Switchblade trailer, herehttps://youtu.be/xu8yn3d8quk

The Switchblade Battle Pass allows players to work through a series of tiers to unlock exclusive items; adding new daily challenges and in-game incentives, as well as access to reward items like The Angel vehicle. Unlike previous vehicles, The Angel is part of the Switchblade Battle Pass progression system, and will be available for all users to unlock and level up, for free. Switchblade Legendary Pack owners will also receive access to The Angel for free upon Battle Pass’ launch and The Angel can still be purchased from the in-game store for players who would prefer immediate access.

For more information on the Switchblade Battle Pass types, system and progression structure, please take a look at the latest blog post from the developers, here.

Independent developer, Lucid Games, have announced the first Switchblade Battle Pass today for Steam PC and PlayStation®4, as well as confirming

Aside from being built into The Switchblade Battle Pass progression system from the ground up

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The Angel is the 19th addition to Switchblade’s sci-fi vehicle roster and the 4th support class vehicle to enter the battle arena.

See The Angel’s abilities below:

  1. Main Weapon - Pulse Repeater - Fires a burst of plasma projectiles at nearby enemies.
  2. Primary Ability Sanctuary - The Angel gains damage immunity for a limited time. Abilities cannot be used for the duration of this time period.
  3. Secondary Ability Divinity-Boosts the power of The Angel’s Healing Aura.
  4. Super Weapon - Guardian - Rapidly restores health of all nearby allies. Once unleashed, players will become invulnerable but will move slower and be unable to use abilities.
  5. Passive Ability Radiance -All nearby allies will receive a small amount of healing.


For the latest information Switchblade, including regular developer and community play sessions, go here.

Interested in the Switchblade Battle Pass and seeing how The Angel stands up to the competition on the battlefield? Request your Switchblade Early Access press review code pack now for Steam PC or PS4, by contacting: [email protected]

Would you like to join the Switchblade community? Head over to the forums and Discord now to start a conversation. For all the latest updates from the development team, follow the game on Twitter, like it on Facebook and visit the official website. You can also keep up to date with Lucid and Switchbladeon Twitch and YouTube.

About Lucid Games

Established in 2011 by senior developers from Bizarre Creations, Lucid set itself out to be a small team with big ideas and the skills to deliver them. Now in 2019, with more than 100 highly experienced developers, Lucid’s team has worked on some of the biggest gaming franchises to come out of the UK in the last 20 years, including the BAFTA-winning Project Gotham Racing SeriesGeometry WarsWipeout, Need for Speed, GTA and Blur. For more information, please visit: www.lucidgames.co.uk

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