Dedicated broadband service for gamers seeks to banish in-game connectivity woes

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Following a soft launch in 2018, Sussex-based ISP Ghost Gamer Broadband has this month formally rolled out its pro-gamer spec broadband service, which aims to deliver a best-in-class online experience to the UK’s competitive online gaming community.

Sussex-based ISP hopes to exorcise connectivity issues forever.

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Built on the infrastructure of a business-grade broadband service by parent company Structured Communications, Ghost Gamer Broadband is focused on providing resilient and stable connectivity, allowing for uninterrupted and responsive gameplay.

The service is designed to address the specific demands of online gaming. This means looking beyond the headline download speeds which competing ISPs have pushed in their messaging over the years, leading to confusion and misinformation among consumers.

Following a soft launch in 2018, Sussex-based ISP Ghost Gamer Broadband has this month formally rolled out its pro-gamer spec broadband service, which aims to deliver

Reflecting on the official launch, Chris Dale, Managing Director of Ghost Gamer Broadband, said:

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“The internet plays an increasingly vital part in our everyday lives, yet the quality of the broadband entering our homes is often overlooked. This just leads to frustration. 

“The importance of a stable and fast connection, which maintains its quality during peak times, is essential for online gaming – low ping rates are a necessity at any hour. At Ghost Gamer Broadband we have developed a solution which always provides users with the fastest possible connection, irrespective of fluctuations in demand.”

Ghost provides some of the lowest ping rates consumers may encounter on the internet. Direct links to popular gaming services also means users enjoy the best possible experience on those platforms.

It’s also robust. Served by multiple 10Gbps upstream fibre circuits, if one should fail the impact on the end user won’t be noticeable.

Unlike many home broadband providers, Ghost does not throttle connections or establish data caps. This makes the service attractive for gamers wanting to take advantage of other data-intensive applications: for example, streaming in-game video to Twitch or YouTube.

The option for a fixed IP address also makes it easy to host a private game server; friends won’t struggle to find you if your address is unchanged between sessions.

It’s not just the gamers within a household who benefit – Ghost delivers a competent, high-performance service which families can expect to use simultaneously, without fear of dropouts or slowdown.

Ghost Gamer Broadband is available across three tiered packages, based on connection type: Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and G.Fast, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and ADSL. Access to the higher performing tiers is subject to availability of the supporting infrastructure at the customer’s location.

To mark the official launch of the product, Ghost Gamer Broadband has redesigned and relaunched its website: For more information and images, visit the site or email the team: [email protected]


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