Asmodee Digital Reveals Pandemic’s Announcement Trailer, Launch Date and Price

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Asmodee Digital reveals the Announcement Trailer for Pandemic, its upcoming cooperative strategy title. The game will be released on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™ on August 1st for $19.99.

Gather your team and save mankind from the epidemics!

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The trailer showcases the different roles and skills that players will need to combine in order to save mankind from the biological horror threatening its very survival.

Combining the base game and its expansions sales, Pandemic became a million-selling board game. Designed by Matt Leacock, the board game’s popular success was confirmed by critics, as Pandemic received the 2009 Golden Geek “Best Family Board Game” award.

The digital experience stays true to the core identity of the couch cooperative turn-based strategy game. Developed by Z-Man Games, Pandemic is a mainstream cooperative game that can be enjoyed by a wide audience, even during short game sessions, while rewarding the best decision-makers.

Acting as disease-fighting specialists, players engage in a race against time to contain four epidemics threatening to wipe out different regions on the globe. Players can choose one of the seven specialist roles: contingency planner, dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher, operations expert, or quarantine specialist. Each role features unique abilities that players will need to combine as efficiently as possible in order to overcome the 5 difficulty levels.

Pandemic differs from a lot of games as it rewards cooperation rather than competition. Players must join their efforts, using their complementary skill sets, in order to discover the cures before it’s too late for mankind. The game can be experienced as a single player, by managing multiple characters, or with friends, using local multiplayer.

Asmodee Digital reveals the Announcement Trailer for Pandemic, its upcoming cooperative strategy title. The game will be released on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

During September, additional content will be added on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™:

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  • On the Brink - Virulent Strain will spread a new kind of virus into the world.
  • On the Brink - Roles & Events will offer players new roles add new events to help save mankind.

Cooperative multiplayer, up to 5 players: couch cooperative mode for both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™.

The first Pandemic Announcement Trailer is available here.

Pandemic will be released on August 1st for $19.99.

For more information about the game, feel free to visit:

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fortyseven communications: Rabeeah Patail, [email protected]

Asmodee Digital: Cosma Nicolau, [email protected]

Visual and PR materials, including the Announcement Trailer, are available here.

More information about Asmodee Digital on: WebTwitchYouTubeTwitterInstagram and Facebook.


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