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Weekly Roundup Hey Fellow PlanesWalkers It had been a wild Ride This week for the Fandomefare gaming MTGA Planeswalkers, They Never make our Day Easy trying to get through the Daily Challenges during our live game streams.

Jadiri Game and MTGA PlanesWalkers Will be back to Game streaming the end of the week untill then we hope you will enjoy our Watch parties and reruns

yesterday after our game stream ended we were able to finish out weekly Mastery XP got our 13 wins in however took us 3 and a half hour to get them 3 weekly wins we had to go.

Today we had no Stream we are away not a Place where we have the data to stream we are playing keeping up though and I have to say Today's MTGA Gameplay went far better in 39 mins we have completed the daily quest 4 weekly game XP went up 2 levels and halfway to the next Level.

Hey Fellow PlanesWalkers It had been a wild Rife This week for the Fandomefare gaming MTGA Planeswalkers, They Never make our Day Easy  ree Chandra Planeswalker deck

Last week Seen a Planeswalkers Deck Give away with Code for all Number of Deck is limited,

Fandomfare Merch Arore

at the moment the give away is paused this is the link here Keep Checking when and if the offer is made axab.e again Unlock Chandra Planeswalker Deck in Magic: The Gathering Arena I cant make no guarantees know the number set for giveaway was limited they may resume and extend this offer the offer was for all no purchase necessary

In the Last Days, you Have seen the Creation of the fandomfare Gaming MTGA PlanesWalker, Which Now had a Facebook Group and it own Subreddit we are Encouraging MAGIC Players PlanesWalkers to share there Ideas and experiences with us and Streamers to share there gameplay and streams on out Group and subreddit can also do the same on out MTGA PlanesWalkers Server (Channel)

we are quickly pressing toward Level 20 and so far as we are aware we have claimed all of the code outside of the 2020 set we did not preorder cards figuring we can collect them pretty quick and have enough wild cards to claim what we need trusting rotation will at least update out decks .


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