Publisher and mobile game developer FourThirtyThree Inc. (4:33) released an infographic in celebration of the first anniversary of their mobile sports game Boxing Star.

Releasing infographic and video, containing fun facts of the first year of service – In-game celebration event opened

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Boxing Star is a mobile sports game featuring immersive Story Mode and Multiplayer League where players can knockout challengers with their unique fighting style and personalized combination of skills. It started its global service in July last year in 140 countries and recorded #1 in Appstores of 19 countries. It gained worldwide popularity from all over the world including USA, Thailand, Japan, France and more.

Boxing Star has recently surpassed 20 million global downloads. In the infographic, it contains some of the interesting numbers and facts during the first year of service.

  • Global downloads: Boxing Star surpassed 20 million downloads
  • Top five countries with the most downloads: USA, Thailand, Brazil, South Korea and the UK
  • Total league mode matches: 741,774,771
  • Total Story mode matches: 188,604,433
  • The three most popular characters: Jin, Titus, Tomas
  • Total numbers of Energy Bars used: 101,138,930
    (Equal to calories of 12,136,671 pies of pizza)
  • Total numbers of Hyper Boosters used: 47,382,927 cans

(Equal to the amount of recommended daily water intake of 8,410,469 people)

mobile game developer FourThirtyThree Inc. (4:33) released an infographic in celebration of the first anniversary of their mobile sports game Boxing Star.

Boxing Star released a 1-Year Anniversary video and both infographic

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and video can be found on the official Boxing Star Facebook page and through the link below.

· Boxing Star 1-Year Anniversary Video:

Along with the infographic, Boxing Star opens an in-game event. Players can clear the in-game mission to acquire words and finish a sentence. For players who gathered each of the words and finished the sentences, Boxing Starprovides various items as a reward.

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About FourThirtyThree Inc.
FourThirtyThree Inc. (4:33) is a mobile game publishing corporation. Their title ‘Boxing Star’ was released in 140 countries and ranked #1 in Appstores of 19 countries. ‘Monster Super League’ and ‘DC Unchained’ are also their major hit titles. 4:33 has consistently developed world class games since receiving of the first President’s Game Award among mobile titles with ‘Blade for Kakao’. Other titles such as ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’, ‘Hero for Kakao’, and ‘Lost Kingdom’ are also well-known hit titles.
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