Spawn Digital! and Purple Tree Studio are pleased to announce that The Ninja In The Dark is now available worldwide as a free download on mobile platforms for smartphones and tablets. Developed in an original way with stunning graphics, The Ninja in The Dark™ is a unique action game testing your reflexes and visual memory.

The Ninja In The Dark Now available on iOS and Androïd system

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Join our Ninja heroes on this amazing quest to free the Light-kingdom from the evil forces of Monster temple. The Ninja in The Dark is a unique action game testing your reflexes and visual memory. Cut your enemies in the dark when they cannot see you and become the master Ninja!

Complete 50+ levels and 200+ stages across 4 different worlds and unlock all 5 characters, each with different skills: Purple Cat, Pink Bunny, Green Gorilla, Dark Bat, and Little Bear are ready to join the adventure… and

Spawn Digital! and Purple Tree Studio are pleased to announce that The Ninja In The Dark™ is now available worldwide as a free download on mobile platforms for smartphones

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Key Features: 
• Cut fast in the dark and complete 50+ Levels and 200+ stages to become a master Ninja
• Collect 5 different characters with 16 different costumes and skills
• Fight 5 different kinds of monsters with different abilities
• Enjoy incredible graphics among 4 various worlds: Snow, Desert, Forest or Mountain
• Access 3 different Power-Ups: Extra-Time, Night-Vision, Deactivate Bombs
• Master all the legendary achievements and become a world’s top 10 Ninja

Developer: Purple Tree Studio (
Publisher: Spawn Digital! (
Genre: Action Memory
Release Date: July 10th 2019
Platform: Smartphones & Tablets iOS / Androïd
Price: Free to Play

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