PixelHeart launches a Kickstarter for ARCADE RACING LEGENDS a new game for the 20th Anniversary of Sega DREAMCAST.

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Independent French developer and publisher PixelHeart, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to finish their game production. ARCADE RACING LEGENDS

A new independent racing phenomenon is en route for all Dreamcast fans.  ARCADE RACING LEGENDS

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Get ready to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the legendary SEGA Dreamcast console. At PixelHeart we are preparing something special to celebrate this milestone event.

A new independent racing phenomenon is en route for all Dreamcast fans.

As the Sega Dreamcast turns 20 years old this fall, the legend is still alive. The console was release from September to November 1999, and that is the perfect timeframe for our Arcade Racing Legends project. Worldwide fans show huge respect for this discontinued platform and gamers still enjoy a great games. In 2019 the machine is still a fantastic system to play with. 

 Independent French developer and publisher PixelHeart, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to finish their game production. ARCADE RACING LEGENDS

Discover the brand new racing game Arcade Racing Legends coming for Dreamcast.

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Join the PixelHeart Racing Team, we offer you a seat behind the wheel!

Arcade Racing Legends
Currently a playable prototype featuring the main modules of the game, the Kickstarter campaign is to finalise production, and prepare the worldwide release set for December 2019.


            •           PIT STOP & PRACTICE
            •           RACES & CHAMPIONSHIPS
            •           10 LEGENDARY CARS
            •           6 INTERNATIONAL TRACKS
            •           VIP CUSTOM CARS (Kickstarter Exclusive)

Select your vehicle, create a custom, enter races and championships with legendary video games vehicle.
Paying a motorized tribute to games like Out Run, Crazy Taxi, Sega Rally, Le Mans, Daytona and many more.

Get behind the wheel, fight for pole position and win as all the races to be the King of The Tracks.

We need your support. We create games with passion and want to make great quality games.

Spread the word in the gaming community. Your sponsorship is our strength.

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About PixelHeart

Dedicated to create modern video games with a vintage twist, PixelHeart loves the retro gaming adventure. With an extensive catalog of 50 titles for various old school platforms, PixelHeart stays focused on quality.
Operating from Marseille France, PixelHeart is making noise in the video games industry.
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