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Anime Expo 2019 The global mobile game developer and publisher Yostar Games, exhibits its most representative mobile game Azur Lane, Riichi Mahjong game Mahjong Soul, two upcoming mobile games, NEKOPARAITEN! and  Arknights with various onsite activities at  Anime Expo 2019 at booth number 206.

Arknights launches its first live interactive event, the Arknights Clue Hunting which will be held onsite. Anime Expo 2019

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Onsite Events
Arknights launches its first live interactive event, the Arknights Clue Hunting which will be held onsite. Players need to search out staffs with Rhodes Island mark to obtain clues, then combine it with its password grid published on social media. The answer will lead players to further details of the game. 

For all the Azur Lane players, it’s a multi-event combo that shouldn’t be missed. Akashi’s Raffle, a photo session features 1:1 Bismarck battleship equipment and 7 gorgeous cosplayers, San Diego and Cleveland Voice actresses meet-up and autograph, Azur Lane themed stamp rally and more to be discovered. Besides, a one of a kind Azur Lane Lamborghini Itasha will be displayed at booth number 3906.

The global mobile game developer and publisher Yostar Games, exhibits its most representative mobile game Azur Lane, Riichi Mahjong game Mahjong

Furthermore, NEKOPARAITEN! will open its first gameplay access at Anime Expo

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where players can interact with multiple Nekos, not only on the mobile devices but also the Neko cosplayers on the booth. NEKOPARAITEN! official-authorized merchandises will go on sale at the same time. 

Last but not least, players who’ve been playing online will finally have the chance to compete with their opponents face to face. Daily Competition will be held for all the Riichi Mahjong enthusiasts, winners who stand three rounds will be awarded a prize right away. 

About Arknights
Arknights is a strategy RPG mobile game with a fantasy theme, the game features visually stunning graphics, user-friendly controls, a variety of characters from different groups, an immersive gaming experience, a well-crafted, animated plot, and a continuous storyline. Players will start their journey as a “Doctor” rescued by Amiya with memory loss and carry on a journey together along with the activities of an organization called Rhodes Island. Arknights launched 30th April on iOS, 1st May on Android, App Store featured the game on both homepage and games page right after. After its launch, players and gaming medias massively reacted with their love and excellent impressions of the game online.

About Azur Lane
Azur Lane is a mix of RPG, 2D shooter, and tactical genres combined. In the face of overwhelming hostile force, all nations finally united under a shared purpose. In order to wipe out a common enemy, humanity established a worldwide military organization – Azur Lane. Players organize up to six ships into flotilla, break through enemy gunfire and defeat them. Presently, 2.1 million users have downloaded Azur Lane.

Nekopara is a popular comedy romance adventure game series available on steam. A mobile version is being developed and published by Yostar and will be coming soon. Players can choose from a various group of Neko characters to embark on unique storylines. Soon, players will get the chance to pet Nekos on mobile.

About Yostar Games

Founded in 2014, Yostar Games is an online game company that specializes in development, global distribution, investment and IP management of online games. Yostar Games is situated in Tokyo and Shanghai.

Yostar Games is the top publisher, developer and investor of games in China. In 2017, Yostar successfully released the mobile game Azur Lane for Japan. As popularity grew dramatically for Azur Lane, Yostar Games then successfully held its global release in 2018. Yostar also developed Nono From Another World in China.

Moving forward, Yostar will continue to explore and expand in maturing Anime markets. The company strives to become the premier Anime internet game publishing company.


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