MTG ARENA Missing Items due to degraded performance

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MTG Arena forums for all who are missing Items making purchases degraded performance you can rest assured they are working on this and your Items Should show up in your inventory, however, there will be no In game notice you will have to keep a watch for them.

Seems that because of this update and degraded performance in MTG ARENA missing Items your Items will show up but without notice so keep watching

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Does Not Including Items not received redeeming codes and Redeem code failures only, Missing Gems, Bundles, Packs in game purchases.

Due to yesterday's degraded performance, players may have experienced issues with making purchases or redeeming codes. As a result, our support team has been working to ensure all players have received their missing items. This should happen automatically, however you will not receive any in-game notification once the items are added to your account.

There is a Notes On the MTGA forums for all who are missing  Items making purchases you can rest assured  they are working on this and your Items Should show up

Additional information is available below. Due to the expected number of contacts and the holiday weekend, players who contact support may experience a longer than average wait time

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for a response. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.


Your items should be available in your collection. If you did not receive them, please contact support, subject line “Order Issues” (you will need your Order # ).


If you received a “Redeem Code Success” message but did not receive your items/rewards, our customer support team has automatically granted the missing product to your account.


If you attempted to redeem your code and you received a “Redeem Code Failure” error message, you should now be able to successfully redeem the code. If you experience any issues, please contact support, subject line “Code Redemption Problem”.


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