MTG Arena Devs already giving the mastery Platform and Mastery pass a big Change in the Next update, and listening to players seems they realize buying XP is an unintended Mistake that makes all feel they must buy to catch up.

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Mastery Platform & Mastery Pass was this honestly something a big group of game planner and developers could have forgotten to tell all what do you think I'm in doubt this info was key info not passed on

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According to an article by Chris Cao on MTG Arena website, They never intended for all player to buy in to the Master pass just to catch up on Levels at all. they forgot to add the fact that the game already has Built in Catch up built in every so many levels there will be free XP and Planned event where more xp will be earned.

We actually don’t want most players to buy levels. So, we’re going to pull out the purchasing of levels with our release at the end of this month. We want folks to have an option to get our best deal by spreading it over time. We put the level purchase in to give players the option to get those last few levels they want. But, that has clearly made things feel worse.

Yes, that means we are removing an option, but, since our goal is providing a great deal for your play, we are going to put more ways to get XP in than we originally planned. This will likely start with more events that provide XP, and we’ll expand it to other options as we see how things play out. We’ll continue these changes to make sure we get both the balance, and more importantly, the experience, of Mastery Passes to the right place.

Chris Cao MTGAwebsite

This in my Thinking is great News No one should be able to move ahead ina game by just buying there way up the ranks in my thinking the old rank system should be put out of the Platform and XP and levels Never lost or reset only Move forward, this would make causal play what it should be each player making there way the Only play the player at your own Level at there own pace OR AKA (casual Rank or Play)

MTG Arena Devs already giving the mastery Platform and Mastery pass a big Change in the Next update, and listening to players seems

" We didn’t communicate the full scope of how Mastery Passes work, including one very important element: we will give out free XP and XP from events. " SAY WHAT

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There is a Historic Platform Coming in September perhaps they should add the rank system we play by now to that and make historic play More Classic Arena style even if it needs to ban certain Modern style cards from use there to make it work it could no doubt help the game appeal to a wide range of players .

These are just a few my thoughts what is your thoughts on it at this stage in the game, I Personally love the new Mastery Platform I admit yes I think Buying Rank is not right it shouldn't ever happen making people feel as if they must buy there way up to keep up is wrong

I am not all convinced not telling all that Bonus Xp already built in the game , to level 80 to fast track all player up there is not as much a opps we forgot than a convenient lapse of judgment these people are planning and staging gameplay this is a Ket bit of news for the start of mastery I'm sure many who jumped in the first hours to buy that pass would never have done so had they known that playing enough in a month or so all of us would be fast track up to that level.

Not only did it cause divisions in the game that may never be healed it cause degraded servers that didn't work at all for Beverly a day and prizes bought and paid for that could be delivered this is bad for business over all.

im glad they want to come out and honestly clear the air I fear for many it could be to little to late all players have already been excepting a lot of things they can not change before this and some of them things haven't been dealt with as of yet .


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