well we couldn't help but notice today as our stream was cut slightly short by a notice of an MTG Arena update here are some of the notes and highlights

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The Fandomfare MTGAPlanesWalkers believe these are some great fun new game feature and platforms I most likely will try many of them out in the new future on some of our game streams

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MTG Arena update here are some of the notes and highlights

here is the highlight of them updates which include many new and exciting changes some which we have been talking about for a while now Core Set 2020, Planeswalker decks, Mastery system, and London Mulligan. MTG Arena update here are some of the notes and highlights

  • New Card Set: Core Set 2020
  • Mastery System
  • Gameplay Improvements
  • New Cosmetics


  • All cards from Core Set 2020 are now available on Magic: The Gathering Arena. This includes the buy-a-box promo as well as cards in the Planeswalker decks.
  • For more information on the set mechanics and abilities, please refer to theCore Set 2020 Release Notes.


What is the Mastery System?

  • We've introduced a new way for players to earn rewards through the Mastery System.
  • In addition to the existing Account Mastery, each new Standard set added to Magic: The Gathering Arena will include a Set Mastery system.
  • Players unlock rewards by completing daily quests, as well as for you first three Daily Wins.
  • Players looking to add additional rewards to their Set Mastery can do so via the Mastery Pass.
  • Additional information is available on the Mastery Pass page, as well as our Mastery System Guide.


MTG Arena  update   here are some of the notes and highlights

There are some Known Issue But we have reason to be confident these will be worked out in our lifetime without a doubt

fandomfare merch store is live


  • The War of the Spark Chronicle event rewards are only purchasable with gems - this is not intended behavior.
  • There was an issue with data deployment, and we are working on disabling purchases for these card styles until it's resolved.


  • The game will now hold priority prior to entering the combat phase if there is a something you can respond to at instant speed at the end of your opponent's first main phase. (e.g. your opponent played a Legion Warboss during their first main phase, and you wish to respond before the "at the beginning of combat" trigger goes on the stack").
  • When declaring attackers with at least one creature that "must attack" on the battlefield, you are no longer required to declare those attackers first. Declaring another creature as an attacker will also declare any creatures that must attack if able, to ensure the attack declaration remains legal.
  • When a card is revealed, it is now displayed in a small window that does not block interaction with the rest of the game. This window will auto-dismiss after a short time, or you can dismiss it manually.
  • When a card references a token of a particular type (such as creating Treasure or a 1/1 Green Saproling), mousing over the card will now show the info for the token as well.
  • Persistent effect indicators (displayed as card art that shows up on the left-hand side of the screen) will now stack if there are multiple indicators of the same type (for example, multiple Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants emblems.)
  • For Atemsis, All-Seeing's triggered ability, the "Reveal" button will be grayed out unless you meet the victory condition (It's still selectable if you really want to reveal your hand!)
  • When showing a mana wheel for a source that can produce multiple mana of one or more colors, the amount that will be produced is now shown on the mana wheel.
    • For example, if your control Vault of Catlacan and six artifacts, when you tap Vault of Catlacan for mana the mana wheel will show that it can produce 6 blue mana (as well as one mana of any other color).
  • When a permanent has had its color(s) changed, there is now a hanger indicating what color(s) the permanent currently is.
  • When a card references cards or counts of card types in a graveyard (such as the on death ability of Cavalier of Flames), mousing over the card will cause the referenced cards in the graveyard to pop out.
  • When browsing the graveyard or exile, and one or more cards in that zone are being targeted by an effect on the stack, those cards will be pulled up to better highlight them.
  • The handling of the rules around Spark Double copying another Spark Double that entered without being cast has been updated to match the rules update in section 706.9e; it is no longer possible to loop the copying here.


  • Auto-Tap should now be smarter about handling situations where it will produce floating mana that can be used to cast additional cards in hand.
    • Developer's Note: This is should improve how the auto-tapper interacts with cards like Nissa, Who Shakes the World and Breeding Pool. If given the option between tapping Breeding Pool for U or G, it will use the option that will leave you with floating mana for cards you can play. For example, if you tap Breed Pooling to cast Llanowar Elves with Nissa in play and a second Llanowar Elves in hand, the auto-tapper should tap for G (and produce one G floating mana thanks to Nissa's static ability) that you can use to cast the second Llanowar Elves.
  • When paying for an effect that will untap target land (such as activating Wakeroot Elemental's ability), auto-tap will prefer to tap the targeted land for mana (since it will untap once the effect resolves)

Event and Other related Items related to today updates you might be interested in



  • We've added an additional reward for players who manage to get 7 Wins when participating in Core Set 2020 Sealed or Ranked Draft Event.
  • Sealed: Core Set 2020 - Players who complete the event with a 7-x record will receive a Scholar of the Ages card style.
  • Ranked Draft: Core Set 2020 - Players who complete the event with a 7-x record will receive a Ironroot Warlord card style.




The following card sleeves are now available for direct purchase:

  • Karn Alternate-Art Japanese Card Sleeve
  • Vivien Alternate-Art Japanese Card Sleeve
  • Nissa Alternate-Art Japanese Card Sleeve
  • Angrath sansyu Alternate-Art Japanese Card Sleeve

Cost: 600 Gems

  • Liliana 天野喜孝/Yoshitaka Amano Alternate-Art Japanese Card Sleeve

Cost: 4000 Gold


Now Available!

Elemental Bundle

  • Mask of Immolation Card Style
  • Creeping Trailblazer Card Style
  • Overgrowth Elemental Card Style

Cost: 600 Gems

Chandra Bundle

  • Chandra, Acolyte of Flame Card Style
  • Chandra’s Regulator Card Style
  • Fry Card Style

Cost: 1200 Gems

Leaving Soon:

  • Proliferate Bundle
  • Chaos Aggro Bundle
  • Cast-tastic Bundle
  • Amass Power Bundle
  • Bolas Bundle
  • Guild Bundles

No Longer Available:

  • White Draft Bundle
  • Blue Draft Bundle
  • Black Draft Bundle
  • Red Draft Bundle
  • Green Draft Bundle
  • Gatewatch's Triumph Bundle

ahh its a summer time Dream come true I tell you Just intime for you out door evening play


  • When a game ends for an unexpected reason (such as an error communicating with the server), it will now properly indicate that the match as a Draw.
  • The counter creation SFX should no longer improperly play when examining a card.
  • Cards using card styles should now properly "dim" in states where they should be (e.g. when tapped).
  • Cards that were revealed should now properly show when a second, known duplicate was discarded.
  • Multiple tokens created simultaneously should no longer temporarily overlap.
  • When an opponent "emotes" the name of a chosen card, players should no longer "emote" random text in response.
  • Planeswalkers using the glass style should now display properly when choosing one of their abilities if they were cast using an alternative casting method (such as with Omniscience).
  • Spells with multiple casting options should now be properly affected by other effects that modify the casting cost.
  • When choosing to Mulligan, the "London Mulligan" browser will no longer shuffle your cards between viewing your hand and deciding which cards to put on the bottom of your library.
  • When deciding whether or not to Mulligan, the "London Mulligan" browser now shows the correct card sleeves.


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