Defend the keep release – Fast-paced wave defense with fireballs and towers

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 Vanille Games is releasing their debut game, Defend the keep, on Steam and, on July 16th.

Defend The Keep, a fast-paced action strategy game with fireballs and towers! Defend your villages against waves of hogs, ogres and insects.

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Take control of the keep tower and blast, electrocute and poison waves of enemies, to defend your villages! Defend the keep takes the you through forests, fields and mountains as you push against a wave after a wave of creatures. Blast enemies, build towers and defend the keep in over 20 levels, to figure out what’s behind the sudden attacks. 

The waves will get bigger, stronger enemies will join the battle, and you better get your aim straight, because every fireball counts! 

Watch the gameplay trailer here: 

“Real-time strategy has been my favorite genre for over a decade. But in many cases, I’ve missed the fast-paced, palm sweating intensity, of an overwhelming tower defense match. I’ve tried to mix the best of both, while I’ve worked on Defend the keep, and I hope the players will get an intense experience, and enjoy the fantasy setting of my first game.” 


Upgrade your abilities with nine perks, during each level. Receive upgrade crystals based on your success, and unlock the 12 building upgrades and their three tiers! Respec whenever you want.

Time mode and new game mode: 

Need more challenge, or maybe missing an upgrade crystal? Play the levels on time mode, but hold tight! The game speed keeps getting faster and there’s no way slow down. Finish the game and start a more challenging new game, with increased difficulty. 

Defend the keep!

Become the keep master and defend the helpless villages against waves of hogs, ogres and Imian insects. Use the keep tower’s destructive fireballs, lightning storms and poison to blast your enemies, before they wreak havoc on your village! Build towers, traps and walls to help you on your mission. Discover new creatures and challenging battles as your defense progresses through forest, mountains, dungeons and fields, to find out what turned the local hogs hostile and is causing all the attacks.

Upgrade your abilities and buildings

  • 9 Ability upgrades to choose from in every level
  • 12 persistent building upgrades with 3 tiers. Respec any time you want!
  • Expanding notebook with information about your abilities, enemies and locations
  • Real time world map, with over 20 levels
  • Test your skills in time mode and earn extra upgrade crystals. The game speed keeps accelerating, think fast!
  • Three difficulty levels and an endless new game – difficulty.
 Vanille Games is releasing their debut game, Defend the keep, on Steam and, on July 16th.

Defend the keep supports QWERTY-keyboard.


An expanding notebook with information about enemies, abilities, buildings and locations. 



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