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Magic: The Gathering Wizards of the Coast is pleased to announce today the first edition of the Magic Celebrity Cup, a new invitational tournament between the United Kingdom, the France and Germany, Thursday 11 to Friday July 12.

Personalities and experienced players will compete at an exceptional event Magic: The Gathering

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On this occasion, a video showing the Magic Celebrity Cup is now available on the official channel.

In total, twelve figures and streamers from each country, six beginners and six veterans of Magic: The Gathering, will meet in their respective countries to participate in this exceptional new tournament. Each player will be paired with an experienced player who will guide him throughout the competition. The pair have yet to confirm.

The event will be broadcast live and available by Magic Europe on, as well as via its official partners The Stream in France and HandofBlood in Germany. The streams will be held from Thursday to Friday from 19: 00 to midnight (CET).

Wizards of the Coast is pleased to announce today the first edition of the Magic Celebrity Cup, a new invitational tournament between the United Kingdom,

More information about the tournament is available on the official website :

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personalities and present streamers:

personalityExpert Magic

Xari Henip
MaghlaVal & PL
Laink and TerracidMagic it's chic - Alvar
Jhon r.I "Jirock" Dépraz
Magic Pro League)

ChristopheLemaîtreRaphaël Lévy

personalityExpert Magic

HandofBloodPhilipp Krieger - MagicBlogsDE
Rob BubbleSplatterman
NerdkulturVysen Games

EinfachPeterBGFreakle - MagicBlogsDE
Der HeiderChristian - MagicBlogsDE

United Kingdom
personality Expert Magic


Dan BullAutumn "AutumnLilly" Burchett
(Magic Pro League)

Download Magic: The Gathering Arena here.

About Magic: The Gathering Arena
developed in-house by Digital Games Studio, the studio of Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering Arenaoffer on PC the same wealth in terms of strategy and game than the much appreciated table version, in face-to-face fast and intense matches. In Magic: The Gathering Arena, players can directly access parts in competitive or fast mode with one of the five decks pre-constructed unlockable by finishing the tutorial. They can then customize their own decks from a wide selection of maps of the Magic universe. Available for free, Magic: The Gathering Arena invites players to compete in order to earn rewards, including gold coins, the currency of the game, cards and boosters.

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