MINImax Tinyverse is ready for Pre-order right now! Exclusively Mobile on iPad

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Independent studio O’olBlue Inc. has decided to release its flagship real-time strategy game, MINImax Tinyverse, exclusively mobile on iPad. According to O’olBlue, until the official release at 25th of this June, the game is currently available for pre-order at the App Store.

Behold! The war in the tiny universe now begins on iPad.

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O’olBlue said that there had been many fans over various communities that want to enjoy MINImax on tablet PC, and such enthusiasm of its fans gave them the motivation to launch the game exclusively mobile on iPad. Starting with the iPad launch of MINImax, O’olBlue is planning to expand the service of MINImax through the other mobile platforms and meet its fan’s needs.

Many game fans who have heard the news anticipate that the upcoming iPad launch will strengthen the core concept of MINImax, the experience of becoming a Supreme Being while performing the characteristic skills of picking up & dropping champions or casting mighty Miracles with their own god-hands. They expect that the direct touch on the iPad screen will make such experiences more realistic.

Independent studio O’olBlue Inc. has decided to release its flagship real-time strategy game, MINImax Tinyverse, exclusively mobile on iPad.

O'olBlue has not forgotten to enhance users’ convenience in enjoying their game.

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They will add Custom Match including the observer mode so that users can have a custom match with the player they want, or observe the match. Furthermore, many contents and services, including expanded language support and four new minion troopers of two realms, Creaea and Aillai, have been newly added.
New Features on iPad

  • Custom Match against friends
  • Observer mode to watch a custom match
  • Chatting system in the game
  • Additional Language Support: Traditional Chinese, German, Japanese, French
  • 4 new troopers

Aillai: Demolisher, Wildman
Creaea: Rapanossan Thug, Gliptos Chaser

  • The Mole which you can hunt to get bonus ration and open hidden path to the opponents’ defense towers.

'Be a GOD' Real-Time Battle Chess! Watch over and lead your favorite champions as they battle for the glory of Tinyverse.


The Tinyverse is a small tiny universe hidden in the depths of an old antique shop called MINImax. In the Tinyverse, two realms constantly fight for its hegemony waiting for deity-like beings, like you or me, to arrive at the battle to upset the balance of this endless war.
You can enter this world only if you are able to find MINImax antique shop, luckily, we have a secret direct passage for you here on Steam.

Meet Tiny Realms of Aillai and Creaea, who never stop fighting each other. Recently some clashes inside the realms have been spotted as well.

You are the mastermind of the battle who leads MINIs to the ultimate victory. Lead a chosen Champion and your tiny army through different paths on the battlefield.

Guide your Realm with powerful miracles, clever hand maneuvers and calling your MINIs at the right time and place.

Express yourself with new cool hand costumes to destroy your opponents in your own style. Wield a knight gauntlet or scare your enemies with a zombie's hand.

MINImax Tinyverse is currently F2P. You can obtain all the champions, troopers and miracles just by playing the game.

  • 8 different unique champions with their own battle strategies and personalities.
  • 22 different troopers to create your strategies or respond to your opponent’s.
  • 26 different miracles to surprise your opponent and control the flow of the battle.
  • Infinite strategic possibilities with the new trooper selection system.
  • More challenging battles with the Same Realm Match implementation.
  • Cosmetics items added to personalize your game.

About MINImax Tinyverse
MINImax Tinyverse is a F2P 'Be a GOD' Real-Time Action Chess game where you watch over and lead your favorite champions as they battle for the glory of the Tinyverse. It is designed to make its users to enjoy fast-paced battle under simple yet highly strategic rules.

If you want detailed information on the Pre-order and the game itself, you can find it in its community.

About O’ol Blue Inc.

O’ol Blue Inc. is an independent games development studio based in Seongnam, Korea. Since March 2013, the studio is creating competitive PvP games for the global gaming audience such the 2D character collection battle RPG Mighty Quest (iOS/Android), and the 3D character team action tactical RPG Hungers League (iOS/Android/Facebook Gameroom).

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