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CyberStep, Inc. is pleased to announce that two new accessories, “Belphegor Curse” and “Assault de Buster” have been added to the “Weekly Gacha” for GetAmped Mobile, the online action fighting game for smartphone and Nintendo Switch.

GetAmped Mobile Online Fighting Game “Belphegor Curse” and “Assault de Buster” are Here!

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New “Weekly Gacha” Accessories!

The ever-changing, “Weekly Gacha” line-up has been refreshed once again with brand new accessories! There are two new accessories this time. One is “Belphegor Curse”, which shows no mercy to those unworthy on the battlefield. The other is “Assault de Buster”, an insane weapon with explosive power.

Which of these mighty accessories will you choose?


Belphegor Curse

A demon king ruling over the deadly sin, "sloth”.

It gives penalties to those who are lazy in battle.

Assault de Buster

An assault rifle and bazooka set developed by a radical DMI faction.

A popular item on the black market due to its incredible destructive power.


What is “GetAmped Mobile”?

The action game with over 30 million users! Fight to the top in fiery battles!

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Fight! A global cosplay battle!

The popular PC game, “GetAmped”, with over 30 million users worldwide has come to smartphone and Nintendo Switch!

Battle it out with your rivals using endless combinations. Styles like Ninja, Superman, and Telepather, unique accessories, and over 100 different kinds of weapons!

And customize your appearance however you like with the “Skin Editor”!

Title: GetAmped Mobile

Genre: Online Fighting Action game

Platform: iOS/Android

Price: Free/In-app microtransactions

App Store:

Google Play:

Nintendo Switch (U.S):

Nintendo eShop (UK & Ireland):

Official Website: ​ ​

Official Facebook: ​

Official Twitter:


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