Faeria Hosting Online Tournament This Saturday, June 15th!

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Watch Faeria’s tournament this weekend as the strategy card game hosts its bi-monthly event. Those new to Faeria will see top players compete among a field of 64-players. The Tournament will be held on Saturday, June 15th at 6:00 pm CEST.

The Faeria World Circuit is a seasonal based competition where players earn points by participating in the in-game monthly ranked ladder, bi-weekly Championship League tournaments

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Faeria continues to grow as one of the funnest online card games. Playing across landscapes to conquer foes each deck and scenario offers something different than a typical CCG experience.

Win prizes just by watching!

Link your Faeria account to Twitch here and earn in-game prizes by watching any tournament stream on Twitch!

    See all active Faeria streams here

Here are the rules:

Tournament Structure

    Single Elimination tournament

    Bracket seeding will be randomized

    Best of 3 until Round of 8

    Best of 5 Round of 8 and onward

    Third place will be decided by a match

Game Timer:

*Lobbies should be set to "8 minutes per game."

    24 minute persistent Time Bank for an entire Best of 3

    40 minute persistent Time Bank for an entire Best of 5

    If a player's Time Bank expires, they lose the match. Time Banks only tick down when a game is in progress

Note: The normal Faeria turn timer of 90 seconds still applies

Tournament Format:


Watch Faeria’s tournament this weekend as the strategy card game hosts its bi-monthly event. Those new to Faeria will see top players compete

The highest ranks of the Faeria ladder are rife with brilliant commanders. Fight your way to the top of the pile to prove you are worthy to compete with the best of the best.

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Be warned, reaching the top 25 is no small feat. Do you have what it takes?

You can keep track of the current season's FWC Points by visiting this link.

Find the Links to the Tournament here:




Abrakam is an independent video game developer based in Belgium. They're a small and passionate team focused on creating high quality strategy game experiences across all platforms. Their strategy card game, Faeria, launched in 2017 with 85% positive Steam reviews and praise from critics and major influencers. For more information, visit www.abrakam.com.

About Versus Evil

Founded in 2013, Versus Evil, LLC is the US based video game publisher behind critically acclaimed video games such as Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, The Banner Saga trilogy, Antihero, Guild of Dungeoneering, and most recently, the BAFTA Games award winner At Sundown: Shots in the Dark. In 2018, Versus Evil became the official publisher for true strategy card game, Faeria. Publishing games on all major mobile, PC and console platforms, Versus Evil works with independent development studios from around the world. The corporate philosophy is to champion independent game developers. For more information visit https://versusevil.com.

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